About the Metamorphic Technique® 


We get a sense of the Metamorphic Technique by looking at how life expresses itself in nature. A little acorn can grow into a big oak tree or a caterpillar into a butterfly. What happens inside the cocoon of a caterpillar? The form of the caterpillar disappears into a jelly like substance and the process of transformation eventually gives rise to a new form, being that of a butterfly. In other words life simply expresses itself in a different form. However, as well as transformation expressing itself at the physical level, there is also the potential for it to occur at the mental or consciousness level. In other words a ‘change of mind’ can also naturally occur whereby we suddenly find ourselves in a much more fulfilling relationship with our life and the world at large.


In the practice of the Metamorphic Technique the practitioner uses a light touch on feet, hands and head (however there is no problem if people have missing limbs as the practice adjusts to accommodate all situations), while at the same time paying attention to not impose their beliefs or limited understanding on the person receiving the session. In this regard, the founder, Gaston Saint-Pierre, defined the Metamorphic Technique as simply being a practice of detachment, which means providing the person who comes for a session with an inner environment free of the action of direction, interference and preconceived ideas.


Practitioners make no claims for the Technique. However it is a fact that many people who have sessions have reported an array of different benefits. For example a number of people talk about improvements in their physical health. From a mental and emotional perspective people have reported letting go of past hurts and self limiting beliefs. People also mention discovering strengths that they were not even aware they had and, from a social perspective, people have reported an increasing ability to be more of who they truly are rather than how others think they should be.


The Metamorphic Technique is suitable for everyone, regardless of age, circumstance or condition of your life. An essential element of a session is that it provides an environment of freedom in which practitioners have absolutely no expectations of there being any right or wrong way for people to feel or behave either during or after a session.


The physical practice of the Metamorphic Technique is very simple to learn and to use and there is no formal training required. However talks and workshops are widely available for people who want to explore its underlying philosophy, or are interested in becoming registered practitioner members.


Gaston Saint-Pierre, the founder of the Technique, was asked by somebody how many sessions did he think they should decide to have, and his answer was, just one. This means that, having had a session, it is then left completely to the client to decide if they want to come back afterwards for more sessions or not. One long standing practitioner member has poetically suggested that people may feel drawn to the Metamorphic Technique because a session represents a celebration of the unique expression of life that they already are.


Metamorphic Technique Ireland is an official satellite member of the international registered educational charity, The Metamorphic Association. (Charity Number:326525)